About Me

Born and raised in Manhattan and the Bronx, I've worked my entire life in public service and for the public interest. After attending high school and college in the Bronx at Fordham, I joined the Fire Department of New York City in 2005, working my way to the rank of Lieutenant. In 2009, seeking a new challenge, I entered law school and quickly became interested in Immigration Law. Since my admission to the New York Bar I have worked tirelessly in private practice and non-profits for immigrants from all over the world. I am incredibly lucky to have met clients of all races, nationalities, and religions, learning more about people and the law with every day. 

It is because of this that I have opened a small practice in Brooklyn where I am able to know each client individually. I keep prices low for clients while still being able to provide an excellent service. Contact me for an appointment to discuss your case. 



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