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First Post!

Hello and greetings! Thank you for taking the time to come to this site and learn about my practice, and thank you for reading this post. Just as an introduction, I'd like to get the chance to introduce my practice. Why am I an Immigration attorney? Why did I start my own practice? What kind of practice am I starting? 

As you've probably learned by now, my name is Michael Tracey. I'm a lifelong New Yorker, growing up in the Bronx and Manhattan, attending elementary, high school, and college all within the five boroughs. After college ended however, I lived in Central America to learn Spanish and work for a non-profit located in Managua, Nicaragua, before returning the New York City in 2005 to become a New York City firefighter. I attended law school while working full time on the Fire Department, and after graduating and becoming a licensed attorney, I gained fantastic experience at private law firms, non-profits, and volunteer organizations. 

This practice is the product of all of that experience. I have worked in private industry, the non-profit sector, and within a large government agency. Throughout all of these experiences, I have always kept my focus on how to be efficient in delivering services- be they life saving emergency services, or legal services. As you can imagine, I have learned a tremendous amount in each of these fields, and that body of knowledge is the foundation of this law office. For instance, in the world of government I learned how to deliver services with a sense of pride and public service; and in the non-profit world I learned how to deliver such services in an efficient, cost conscious manner, while learning the importance of business development in the private world. 

This is the kind of service I deliver to clients: Passionate dedication to clients while maintaining cost efficient services so ALL clients can afford legal representation. I do not maintain large offices and expensive advertising budgets. You are getting an experienced attorney at the lowest possible rate. That is not an advertising slogan- it is a promise, one backed up by lifetime of public service to New Yorkers. 

So contact me with any questions you may have about the immigration process, set up an appointment, you can even feel free to contact me just to say hi. I do this practice because I love it, and enjoy meeting people involved in the field. Thanks again for reading!