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Become a Citizen for $250 (plus filing fees)

One of the most important goals of my practice is to provide a low cost option for clients who wish to become citizens of the United States. When I first began talking with fellow attorneys and others in the immigration field, they were surprised that I intended to represent clients for such a small legal fee- $250, plus processing fees to USCIS. However, helping a client become a citizen is one of the most fulfilling parts of being an immigration attorney, and it is one I want to be a part of. My years of experience in completing and processing these applications both make the process speedy, efficient, and often ending in excellent results for the client. I have completed hundreds of citizenship applications (and fee waivers!) for clients from all over the world. 

Citizenship is one of the most important, and exciting, decisions a resident (or "green card holder") can make in their lives, and can also be a difficult one. Do I know enough about American government and history? Do I speak English well enough? Am I betraying my country of birth by becoming an American? These questions are, of course, on the minds of ALL potential citizens. Usually though, these doubts should not stop you from trying to become a citizen. There are many resources you can use- study materials, classes- to help you succeed that I can direct you to. Many countries offer dual citizenship. Therefore, becoming a citizen is a decision with only positives for most- more protection from the law, an ability to apply for certain jobs and benefits that residents are not eligible for, and most importantly, the ability to petition for members of your family. 

The processing fee for applications is $680 to USCIS, but it will soon increase. Many clients, however, are unaware that they are eligible to apply for free because of their circumstances, such as unemployment or the receipt of certain benefits. The fees and some basic mandatory documents are all that is required. As your attorney, I can make all decisions regarding eligibility, required information, and completing the (very long!) form. After sending the completed application, the resident must complete a biometrics appointment, an interview, and two "tests"- one on language, and one on U.S. civics and history. While this may sound intimidating, I assure you, you can do this! Even if you are unsure that you want to hire an attorney at this time, feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss the process and schedule an appointment. Additionally, if you cannot afford the fees at this time, I offer a lower cost "consultation plus" appointment for a very small fee. I can help you with any questions you have about eligibility or any other concerns you may have.