USCIS is raising fees!!

The bad news that most were expecting has arrived: USCIS will be raising fees on many of their applications on December 23rd, 2016. Let's call it an early Christmas present for those hoping to adjust their status (i485), naturalize/become a citizen (n400), renew their greencards (i90) or applying for a certificate of Citizenship (n600). Below are the new fees:

I-90 will be $455

I-102 will be $445

I-129F will be $535

I-131 will be $575

I-485 will be $1,140 

I-130 will be $535

I-751 will be $595

N-400 will be $640

N-600 will be $1,170

As you can see, these fee increases are considerable. Many who are thinking about applying to become a citizen, get a greencard for their spouse, for bring their children from another country here to the United States, should factor this fee increase into their decision making. My office can compare the difference in price between the old fees and the ones.

Not all news is bad news however. Realizing that many applicants do not qualify for the fee waiver for the citizenship (n44) application but are nonetheless unable to apply because they do not feel they have the money can now qualify for a new "reduced fee" structure. While those who make less than 150% of the federal poverty level, receive medicaid, food stamps or other federal benefits still qualify for a fee waiver, those who make more than 150% of the federal poverty level but less than 200% of it now qualify for a reduced fee of $320. This can help thousands save $300. Again, my office can view your tax records and benefits to help you learn more about what fee structure you will pay.

One price that has not increased however are my fees! I STILL do citizenship applications for only $250. My adjustments are $900, greencard renewals are $200. If your relative is overseas I will file the I130 for $250, and do all follow up documentation for $350. These fees are fair for all New Yorkers who are in need of immigration help. As always, feel free to contact me to talk about your situation.

Michael Tracey